macOS Catalina: kernel_task high CPU

Most of us have probably seen this, where the kernel_taks starts using high amounts of CPU. There can be several causes for this but one I didnt even think about is CPU temperature. To offer so more clarity I have a 2012 MacBook Pro 10,1 - 2.7Ghz I7 16G memory. I had to replace my … Continue reading macOS Catalina: kernel_task high CPU

Geekbench Benchmarks

I have published some benchmarks for servers I have currently am using in my home lab. Nothing earth shattering but I use GeekBench with is a great tool for gauging performance. These are not SPEC benchmarks they have their own criteria but they are a great resource and several large organizations use them. Go here … Continue reading Geekbench Benchmarks

Synology as a Centralized Log Server

I have several systems that run constantly and other just as needed. One thing I really wanted was a centralized logging server. I could have configured a syslog server on my Red Hat mini for example but since I already had a Synology why not use it for this. I have ample storage space and … Continue reading Synology as a Centralized Log Server

Popups from VMWare Fusion 11 when Starting a Virtual Machine on macOS Catalina

I have been running VMWare Fusion 11 for sometime now and with macOS Catalina 10.15.x. I received two popups everytime I started a VM. I ignored them and just clicked OK for quite awhile and just didn't look into how to remedy until now. It turns out its associated with extended attributes. It isn't supposed … Continue reading Popups from VMWare Fusion 11 when Starting a Virtual Machine on macOS Catalina