Install RHEL 7 Guest on Centos 8 Server via Text Mode & Kickstart

This session we are going to go over and deploy is using an ISO and kickstart install. This is different than a PXE install and does not require a PXE nor TFTP setup. In this example everything we are accessing is over NFS mounts but could very well have been local. Install using kickstart file … Continue reading Install RHEL 7 Guest on Centos 8 Server via Text Mode & Kickstart

Netdata Mini Server

I have a mini PC currently not being used. Originally I bought this for pfsense firewall but have since moved to Ubiquiti Unifi Dream Machine Pro so I have a spare. I decided to make this a NetData server simply because I would like a central monitoring facility and NetData gives me everything I would … Continue reading Netdata Mini Server

ipmitool for Cygwin – Updated 9/4/20

I recently ran into an issue with my primary Macbook which I use for ipmi connectivity among other things. I decided to look for a way to install impitool for Cygwin on my work laptop. This not only provides me the ability to invoke ipmi functions such as power commands on my customers servers but … Continue reading ipmitool for Cygwin – Updated 9/4/20

One Liners for *nix

# Remove 1st Column  awk 'BEGIN{FS=OFS="#"}{$2=$3=""}{print}')cat ldm_dump.o |awk 'BEGIN{FS=OFS=" "}{$1=""}{print}' # Create non-existent dirs for i in `cat /etc/vfstab|grep vx|awk '{print $3}'`; do mkdir $i; done # Uncompress and tar install gunzip -c prdhbs1_hbsdg.tar.gz|tar xvf - # Veritas vxprint -v |grep -v NAME|grep -v group |awk '{print $2" ", $5}' # Grow and extend Vol/FS … Continue reading One Liners for *nix